Series: Spanish money talks
“Spanish money talks” becomes a hit in Leche69.Dunia & friends search pedestrians crazy for money. This new series is 100% reality shot in Spain where Dunia discovers new talent & you´ll watch them fucking and sucking in front of the camera for their very first time!
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Series: My 1st time with Nacho Vidal
Nacho starts a new thrilling series searching for girls in the street that want to try his dick for the first time in exchange of money and it works because of the economic crisis every girl has a price now…An explosive combination of Spanish & Colombian girls all teens, beautiful & horny. New talent for the public eye makes this series one of the best reality shows. Most of the girls agree to Nacho´s proposal & the truth is most of them never get to see a dick of Nacho´s size and if there is money in between even better….¿no?
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Series: Fucking Tourist in Spain
First Original Series to Premiere Online where men are dating tourist women around Spain famous disco´s, streets, beaches sometimes inviting them to a drink…or cheating them, the truth is that women come to Spain horny for Spanish men and they´ll find them here.
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Series: Discovering innocent Teens in the street
Exclusive series with Spanish 1st timers chicks only! It´s awesome, our men in search of horny innocent girls throughout Spain. First, a little play, jokes and at the end, they all finish up in one of our apartments & get fucked!
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Series: Teaching couples “how to” make a porn movie

Amateur liberal couples get introduce in making porn movies by Dunia Montenegro for their 1st time & sometimes Dunia joins them as well. Lust vignettes 100% fresh & natural having sex in front of our cameras. Excellent to feed people´s morbid curiosity!!
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Series: Famous spanish TV stars
All the famous porn scenes of Spanish TV actors you´ll find them here only, no where else! Some have done it for money, others to sell exclusives or to be even more famous…Maria Lapiedra, Dinio, the boyfriend of Sonia Monroy, Daniela the stripper from jail, Dani López from Big Brothers, Miss Ourense,etc…and it seems the list it´s growing. Who will be the next famous? Here you´ll be posted like in the celebrity press…
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Series: Horny Spanish Girls for you
Here you´ll find videos of the best Spanish Porn Actresses, Newcomers & Amateur that accept to have sex in front of our cameras for money or pleasure. Teens in the street, castings, Spanish milfs, orgies, gangbangs, raw trio, bukkakes, etc… All sort of scenes in this series in order for all the Spanish women to have access to our expectation.
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Series: Approved
Exclusive Spanish series created by actor & director Max Cortes classified under wild raw sex. In this series, you must check out which are the horniest & wildest girls and “stamp” them with your approval for the hardest porn if they meet your expectations…This series is guarantee for lovers of hard sex and more over cause you´ll see Spanish amateur teens. Hard sex mix with Max´s sense of humour making a perfect combination to have a great time.
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